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Jason's Christian Bookshelf

Welcome to our bookshelf! I'm currently selling Christian books and literature from Baptist and Protestant authors. I've also priced these items at low costs. Here is our price list below:

Bible Versions

<---The NIV Infection by Dewey Williams: An Independent Baptist pastor looks at how the NIV version is based on corrupt manuscripts--$1.00

<---All's Well or Sound the Alarm? by Michael de Semlyen: A British author demonstrates how the King James Version is not only the correct version, but how it is the only Bible that lends itself to the historicist interpretation of the antichrist [the Papacy]--48 pages...$2.50


<---Concise Guide to Bible Christianity and Romanism by Dr. Ian Paisley...$2.50

<---The Church of Rome by Wilson Ewin: Outlines Rome's beginning, evolution, struggle for world control and impending doom.....$1.00

<---Geese In Their Hoods by Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Selected writings from a famous Baptist preacher of the 1800's...$8.50

<---Flirting With Rome by David Cloud: Pro-Roman Catholic statements from key Southern Baptists...$2.50

<---Was Mother Teresa a True Christian? by David Cloud: A study in the light of the pope's acceleration of Mother Teresa's move toward Catholic sainthood...$2.00

Ecumenism and the Movement Toward Rome

<---All Roads Lead to Rome? by Michael de Semlyen: An analysis of the progress of the ecumenical movement in Europe and the United States...$6.00

<---Rome: Crusade or Crucible? by Dr. O. Talmudge Spence: This graduate of Bob Jones University discusses the return of Neo-Protestantism to Roman Catholicism...$8.00


<---How to Help a Catholic Friend by William Standridge: Written by a missionary to Italy...$1.00

<---Scriptural Evangelism by Bill Jackson: A Baptist writer shows how to effectively witness without getting into an argument...$5.00

<---These 28 Years by Dr. Ian Paisley: A 32 page booklet containing two sermons by Dr. Paisley at Martyrs' Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Ireland, on the morning and evening of April 18, 1974...$1.50


<---Foxe's Christian Martyrs of the World by John Foxe: Major stories of Christian martyrs in modern English...$13

<---History of the Ancient Christians Inhabiting the Valley of the Alps by Jean Paul Perrin: This 1847 books deals with the history of the old Waldenses prior to the Reformation, documenting their origin, testimony and various dispersions.--475 pages (rare bound photocopy)...$18.00

<---Martyrs Mirror by T.J. Van Braght: Over 1000 pages about Christian martyrs from the time of Christ to the Anabaptist persecutions; letters written by martyrs to their wives and families...$30.00 (heavy paper binding)

<---Noble Army of Heretics by Bill Jackson: About Pre-Reformation Christians who were martyred...$6.00

<---That First Amendment and the Remnant by Leonard Verduin: This Dutch Reformed author--who died just recently at age 102--points out the weaknesses of the Reformers along the lines of Church/State relations, which caused them to persecute the Anabaptists...$12.50

<---What Do We Owe to the Reformation? by J.C. Ryle: A look at the blessings that occurred in England due to the Reformation...$1.00

Shipping and handling for U.S. residents: $1.00

Shipping and handling for foreign residents: $3.00

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