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Barry Chamish Archives

Welcome to the Barry Chamish Archives! Mr. Chamish is an Israeli journalist who has done much research into the corruption of Israel's government--from outside forces and from within. Also, he has a website on the intrigue surrounding the Rabin assassination which I have a link to at the bottom of this page. Here is Barry's bio and some articles he has written over the past year:

Barry's Biography


  • The Transfer Agreement, Part I
  • The Transfer Agreement, Part II
  • Why Rabin Was Murdered
  • CFR Controls American Jewish Opinion
  • Look Who Runs the Israeli English Media
  • Rabbi Marvin Antleman--Father of Jewish NWO Study
  • Was Baruch Goldstein Completely Innocent?
  • Wye Bibi?
  • Millstein's Rabin File in English

    Barry Chamish can be contacted at