Rabbi Marvin Antleman--Father of Jewish NWO Study by Barry Chamish

My recent article on CFR control of American Jewish organizations led to requests for more information. I recalled that Rabbi Marvin Antleman had researched the subject and I quickly reread his 1974 book To Eliminate The Opiate (Zahavia Ltd. New York, Tel Aviv), which has since become a bona fide classic of contemporary conspiracy literature, endlessly quoted by authors of the field from both the Left and the Right.

Upon perusing the work again, I was amazed how advanced was Rabbi Antleman's perspective. No other Jew that I'm aware of was writing exposes of the New World Order back in 1974. The title of the book sums up the thesis that an organized assault on the Jewish religion was mounted by Illuminati forces in the eighteenth century and the plan is capably enforced today by the court Jews of the NWO.

Rabbi Antleman begins his book with a look at the Bund, the first organization dedicated to the assimilation of Judaism into nothing. He writes:

"The Bund which existed as a secret society was later to become known as the International Communist Party. The actual origin of the Bund seems lost in obscurity but it is believed by many political scientists to have been influenced largely by another secret organization, the Illuminati, the brainchild of a Bavarian intellectual named Adam Weishaupt...

Their lust for power was of such great dimensions that it could cause any loyalties that they may have harbored for their own religious orders to become ancillary to the objectives of the Bund. It suited these people both socially and by temperament to retain a facade of religious formalism which did not prevent them from going about their demonic business of destroying religion methodically...

It was Jacob Schiff and his family who played a prominent role in developing the Reform and Conservative apostate Jewish movements and who aided them at critical stages of their development in putting into action the demonic masterplan to undermine all world religions. Fragmentation and divide and conquer tactics were the order of the day. If Jews could be fragmentized and irreversibly split, success in implementing the religious revolution would be achieved."

A hundred and six pages later, Rabbi Antleman brings us up to date and claims the same forces are at work in America today:

"The Frankists today no longer call themselves by that name. The Organization has grown into an international group labelled by outsiders as The Cult of The All-Seeing Eye...

In the United States they are most active in Boston, New York, Washington and San Francisco. Their ranks and sponsors include some very famous people, numbering diplomats, senators, governors and clergymen...In Jewish circles they dominate the Reform movement at many levels and the Conservative movement at the highest level...

The other Jewish circles that they dominate are the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress and Federations of Jewish Charities in many American cities."

These days, I meet with Rabbi Antleman often at his home in Rehovot. He now acknowledges that the headquarters of the forces he wrote about a generation ago are in the Manhattan offices of the Council on Foreign Relations.


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