Latria Worship of Eucharist Host by Rand Winburn

The Catholic Encyclopedia states the following in regard to the consecrated Eucharist host and its relation to the laity. It is to be worshipped:

"This worship called forth by God, and given exclusively to Him as God, is designated by the Greek name latreia (latinized, latria), for which the best translation that our language affords is the word Adoration. Adoration differs from other acts of worship, such as supplication, confession of sin, etc., inasmuch as it formally consists in self-abasement before the Infinite, and in devout recognition of His transcendent excellence."

By utilizing a Greek lexicon, one can discover the many ways the New Testament uses this word,latreia. The first instance is seen in Matthew 4:10, "Get thee hence, Satan, For it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thy serve. (latreia)

We find that one of its meanings is that of "service". Satan wills "service" be given him, while the Lord God wills "service" be His. True Christians will "serve" the Lord their God alone. Through the centuries and ages, the true Christians were killed by Satan's ministers because they refused to latria the Host.

Another meaning of "latreia" is that of false "worship." This is seen in Acts 7:42: "Then God turned, and gave them up to worship (latreia) the host of heaven..."

Worship and adoration of the Eucharist is doing service to a god, but not the Lord God.

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