Wye Bibi? by Barry Chamish [excerpts]

Netanyahu was spotted at MIT in 1973 and the grooming began there when he was in his early twenties. After graduating, he received a high-paying job at Boston Consulting. His boss was Ira Magaziner (CFR). But he quit the job in 1979, returned to Israel and organized an anti-terror convention. Inexplicably, the CFR sent a team of their biggest guns including George Bush, Richard Perle and George Schultz to this unknowns 27 year old's get-together. Once the convention was over, Netanyahu returned to work selling home furniture for three years until 1982, when Washington Ambassador Moshe Arens invited him to be his deputy. He claimed the choice was indirectly made by those who came to his convention and "were impressed with his performance." That means Bush and Schultz pressed Arens to bring Bibi to Washington. From there, they pushed his career higher. In 1985, Schultz chaired another anti-terror convention in Washington supposedly organized by Netanyahu. By the time Bibi was UN Ambassador Schultz visited him every time he was in New York, and that was often.

Having groomed and financed Netanyahu into office, the CFR made certain his tenure as head of the opposition did not endanger the Oslo process. Though Netanyahu had the goods and scandals to fell Labor, he was a remarkably restrained opposition leader.

In September 1995, PM [Prime Minister] Rabin told what he thought was a funny story on Israel Television One. It seems his CFR handler, Henry Kissinger, phoned him to relate that Netanyahu called to ask him to declare that American troops would not be placed on the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal with Syria. Who Kissinger was supposed to make this declaration to was not revealed. Kissinger, according to Rabin, laughed at Bibi and told him to quit bothering him. The next day Netanyahu confirmed his phone call but denied Rabin's mocking version of it.

The moral of the story is that both the leader of the government and opposition got their commands from their CFR officer, Kissinger. Those of us who bothered to read the CFR Task Force Report On The Middle East, headed by the notorious Henry Siegman, who, last July threatened Israel with annihilation if it doesn't obey CFR dictates, know their objective is for Israel to return to its undefendable 1948 borders. What comes after that is anybody's guess, but peace is not one of the options.

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