Analysis of The Two Babylons


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Among any literature that exposes the connections between the old Babylonian system of religion and Catholicism, the late Rev. Alexander Hislop's The Two Babylons remains one of the most popular books on this subject. There are a number of websites, for instance, that have posted Hislop's entire book on their pages. But I wonder how many people who read this insightful book realize that it was written from an old Protestant point of view?

I remember finding The Two Babylons in a local Christian book store a couple of years ago. I was fascinated by what Rev. Hislop had to say about Catholicism and the Papacy. I noticed in the last chapters of his book, however, a different view of prophetical events that I was not familiar with. The things he had to say in Section 7 of his book goes largely against the grain of modern dispensationalism. The following prophetic points which he made would be largely in agreement with the Old Protestant view of prophecy, and some of them were:

The 'Willful King' described in Daniel 11 is a description of the Papacy

The woman in Revelation 12 is the *Church*, not Israel

The events in Revelation 12 describe events during the first sixth centuries after Christ, and the Church's retreat into the wilderness

The wounded head of the seven-headed beast of Revelation 13 is paganism, later to arise again in the form of Papal Rome

These are just a few examples--examples that those who advertise and read The Two Babylons should read and consider.