"I had three novels and one book of short stories published in Canada from 1971-75. Then I moved to Israel, got an MA at Hebrew University and then did my army service. In 1982 I fought in the Lebanon War. After that I pursued my writing career with vigor and published pieces in well over 500 publications, including The Atlantic, National Review, Hollywood Reporter, New York Newsday, etc. In 1992, my career took a sharp unexpected turn. My book, The Fall of Israel, was published in Britain by Canongate Publishers and it was a stinging expose of Israeli political corruption. Following the book's critical success, I established a newsletter with Joel Bainerman called Inside Israel. Originally founded to reveal corruption, over time we discovered the reason for the criminality of the Israeli political system: it had been co-opted at the top by elements of the New World Order, especially the Council on Foreign Relations. This knowledge led to deeper investigation and ultimately to the publication of two more books, Traitors and Carpetbaggers In The Promised Land (Hearthstone, 1997, cehy25@prodigy.com) and Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (Feral House, 1998, cult@feralhouse.com). A video by the same name was released in America by The Konformist (robalini@aol.com)." --Barry Chamish

Barry Chamish can be contacted at chamish@netvision.net.il