CFR Controls American Jewish Opinion by Barry Chamish

Ever wonder why American Jewish public opinion differs so widely from that of Israelis on all issues regarding the peace process? Does it seem strange that American Jews are just too "liberal" regarding Israeli concessions? Well, if you have and it does, you're right to wonder and suspect, for indeed, American Jewish views are manipulated by their most influential "representative" organizations, which are thoroughly infiltrated by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Take two blatant examples, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) and the World Jewish Congress (WJC). The head of the AJC is Henry Siegman (CFR), who is notorious for having led the CFR Task Force of 1996 which found that Israel must strip itself of all the territories won in battle since 1948. The chairman, president, and founder-heir of the WJC is Edgar Bronfman, a longtime CFR executive, who has pumped untold millions into Israeli pro-peace process projects since 1992.

The AJC is the control center for America's German Jewish clique (Read Our Crowd by Stephen Birmingham). Its most powerful members are bankers and financiers. They trace their Americanism back the most generations, thus have a long history of being utilized by the ultimate powerbrokers of world diplomacy. Edwin Black, in his book The Transfer Agreement (MacMillan, 1985) devotes much detail explaining how the AJC blocked a national boycott of the Nazi regime in 1932 in order to stimulate immoral trade between them and the socialist Jewish leadership of Palestine.

The AJC was too exclusive to include Eastern European Jewish latecomers to its high corridors of power, so the Bronfman family led by Sam, a reformed bootlegger from Russia, funded and founded the WJC, supposedly to represent the interests of the non-German Jews.

To further his self-made image as the most powerful professional Jew on earth, Edgar Bronfman takes on powerful issues like exposing Kurt Waldheim's Nazi past, saving Russian Jewry and recovering Swiss gold. These highly visible campaigns give Bronfman the right somehow to covertly and seemingly unilaterally decide Israel's history.

Take the issue of freedom for Soviet Jewry. From the 1960s to the early 1980s, almost 100% of Soviet Jews were committed Zionists who immigrated to Israel. Then Bronfman took over stewardship of the American movement until Glasnost freed the masses. Bronfman, a sworn enemy of the Likud movements, arranged for lots of Jews to receive America. Somehow his tactics saw a complete about-turn, 90% of the immigrants now avoided Israel, to the utter embarrassment of the Likud. Soviet Jews became playing cards in an untold CFR battle against Israel's chosen leadership.

While the CFR controls Jewish public opinion by infiltrating the most visible Jewish organizations, it makes certain only one voice predominates by eliminating the competition. In 1993, AIPAC's leadership looked like a threat to the "peace process." So one by one, smear campaigns were launched against AIPAC's leadership, resulting in all three top officials, including chairman Tom Dine, resigning to be replaced by a more compliant "pro-peace" chairman, a Clinton fundraiser from Massachusetts.

With high-level opinion in CFR hands, the influence of the CFR spreads throughout the local Federations and charitable organizations which utterly control America's Jewish media; which is the main reason why Israeli and American Jews cannot see eye to eye on any issue, even raw survival.

The CFR is opposed to religion, viewing it as a roadblock to domination. The professional Jewish leadership deliberately raises one divisive issue after another, mythologize Labour leaders while belittling those of the Likud, dilute the Jewish religion and divorce it from Israeli mainstream values, etc., which in concert erodes American Jewish identification and is intended to lead to the disintegration of American Jewry.

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