Look Who Runs the Israeli English Media by Barry Chamish

My private correspondence and conversations include many people who say my attempt to warn the Jews about their greatest, though hidden enemies is futile. The manipulation of their thoughts by the powerful media has created too deep-seated a worldview to ever accept a new reality. Scoff away, disbelievers, but do consider who in Israel is influencing your opinions and who is setting the rules of debate in the English-language media.

The Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan only has 2900 members. Two of them own the biggest English language news outlets in Israel. The Jerusalem Post is owned by the Hollinger Corporation, one of the biggest clients of Henry Kissinger Associates. Its chairman is Conrad Black, one of the most influential and highest ranking members of the CFR. In July '96 Kissinger flew to Jerusalem with Black on his private jet and one of his first stops was the Jerusalem Post building where he told staff that Netanyahu must be made to learn that "the peace process is good for Israel."

The Jerusalem Report is owned by a longtime CFR member, Edgar Bronfman. The magazine he created has been nothing less than the Voice of Oslo, an advocate of and apologist for the CFR's Middle East peace program. Besides selling acceptance of Israel's compliance in its own demise, Bronfman pumps millions of dollars into far-Left social projects run by a who's who of the "peace" camp through his New Israel Fund.

Last month the Post and Report amalgamated, so 90% of the English news coming out of Israel is now in the hands of one Black/Bronfman/CFR outlet.