Why Rabin Was Murdered by Barry Chamish

The two questions I am most often asked are, Why Was Rabin Murdered and Who Did It? In my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin? due to be released by Feral House of Venice, CA this week, I answer neither question. I will not answer who did it, though I believe I know, as I announced previously, because it's too risky. However, finally I will present the most plausible scenario why.

In my book Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land (Hearthstone Publishers, Oklahoma City) I argue and, I believe prove, that the Middle East peace process was hatched by a think tank in Manhattan called The Council on Foreign Relations. Its goal is not peace in the Middle East, it is utter chaos under the guise of peacemaking and Yitzhak Rabin was the vehicle to this end.

A day previous to my releasing this article, I sent a list of Council on Foreign Relations members to a few newsgroups. I will indicate membership in this essay by adding (CFR) to the person's name. Those who saved the list are invited to check each name for accuracy. And I hope some people do, because the odds are very good that in the summer of 1995 Rabin rebelled against the people who put him in power and that's what cost him his life.

In August '95, Rabin told New York Times columnist William Safire that he was forced to enter into the peace process by George Bush (CFR) at a meeting in Kennebunkport, Maine on Sept. 17/92. In September '95, Rabin went on Israeli television and all but admitted that Henry Kissinger (CFR) was the peace process point man for both himself and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu. For reasons of what I believe were conscience, Rabin was going public with the truth.

Just as dangerous for him, Rabin was drinking far too much and he became a loose cannon. Returning to a staged celebration at Ben Gurion Airport after signing the Cairo Accords, Rabin was interviewed live on the popular Dan Shilon TV program. It was clear to many viewers that he was crocked to the gills.

And why not? He had just betrayed his people again and most hated him for it. At the time of his death, Rabin had a mere 32% support rating. Wherever he went, crowds, big and huge booed him. Rabin was cracking under the pressure.

In October '95, Rabin traveled to Washington and publicly addressed President Clinton (CFR) as "President Nixon." He didn't know where he was nor when. Now let us look at what else went on during the trip and how it led to the order to have Rabin removed violently from office.

The following report is from the Jerusalem Post on 10/22/95. It describes Rabin's day of October 21 without any understanding of the significance of the fateful events. I will supply the background, beginning and ending my interjections with three stars, ***.


Syria's support of terrorism is harming negotiations with Israel, Prime Minister Rabin told US Secretary of State Warren Christopher (CFR) last night in New York, an Israeli source said.

Rabin told Christopher (CFR) that Israel is interested in restarting a dialogue according to the understanding reached last June. But he stressed that the support Syria gives Hezbollah and increase in terror activities supported by the government in Damascus are "sending negative signals that are not helpful for the negotiations," the Israeli official said.

Christopher (CFR) will also meet early this week with Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk Shara. The three are among the many world leaders attending this week's celebrations of the United Nations 50th anniversary.

***Now here's what really happened. I quote two items from my defunct newsletter Inside Israel: "According to Maariv reporter Orly Azulai-Katz in her new book on the failure of Peres to win the elections, Yitzhak Rabin had promised President Clinton (CFR) a complete withdrawal from the Golan Heights to the pre-67 borders. This tidbit was supplied to her by Peres which had some observers wondering why he chose to blacken Rabin's reputation at this point." and "Reporter Aluf Ben of Haaretz inadvertently supplies a new motive for the Rabin murder. He reports that during Rabin's last meeting with the American 'peace' team, he blew up at Warren Christopher (CFR) and Dennis Ross (CFR). Apparently, Christopher (CFR) took a previous 'hypothetical' off the cuff, sardonic question posed by Rabin the year before and turned it into official policy. Rabin 'hypothetically' asked Christopher (CFR) how Syrian President Assad would react if he proposed an Israeli pullback to the Sea of Galilee. In October '95, Christopher (CFR) informed Assad that Rabin had agreed to a pullback to the lakeshore. On this basis, America was prepared to act as broker in renewed negotiations. Rabin was furious when he heard about the letter and let loose a tirade against Christopher (CFR) and Ross (CFR)."

Now here's what's really going on, kiddies. Rabin and most of the political hotshots of the world gathered at the UN, built by the Rockefeller dynasty, which also founded the CFR. Christopher (CFR) had twisted Rabin's words and was about to meet the Syrian Foreign Minister to negotiate away every last inch of the Golan Heights. Rabin was informed of the conditions for the renewed negotiations and lost his cool, accusing Christopher (CFR) and Ross (CFR) of treachery. It is very unwise to unleash a torment of criticism against one's superiors but Rabin did not stop there. He told his outlet to the media, the unnamed source, to spread the word that he would no longer countenance Syria's terror against the Jews. He, in most undiplomatic terms, called the renewed negotiations off. And this is the kind of rebellion the CFR does not tolerate.***

King Hassan of Morocco, also in New York for the UN celebration, met with Rabin on Friday evening and told him further steps would be taken soon to normalize relations between the two countries. This is the third meeting between the two since 1993 and was not originally on Rabin's itinerary...During Rabin's meeting with Hassan on Friday night, the king said Morocco is considering asking the Arab League to end the boycott of Israel, according to sources in New York. The sources said an announcement may come during the Amman Economic Conference next week.

***Rabin's old pal King Hassan was sent to soft-soap him into abandoning the Golan with promises of new Arab friends in the region. If he gave in, there would be an announcement of the end of the trade boycott against Israel at the economic conference planned by the CFR for the next week in Amman. However, it seems the sweet talk didn't work on Rabin.***

An Israeli official said the purpose of last night's discussion between Rabin and Christopher (CFR) was "to prepare for the Shara meeting and verify with Rabin what Shara has to say in order for Christopher (CFR) to come to the region." Depending on the Syrian position, such a visit could occur the first week in November.

***Rabin was murdered on Nov. 4, just when Christopher (CFR) wanted to be in Israel.***

Christopher (CFR) is already due to be in the region at the end of this month for the Amman economic conference, but must return to the US immediately afterwards to open the Balkan peace talks in Ohio.

***What a busy week for the New World Order! One must wonder how Christopher (CFR) could juggle two acts of warmaking and still chew gum. He apparently did a great job of igniting the Balkans but Rabin just wasn't cooperating the same way.***

"No specific dates were discussed," said an Israeli official at the meeting at the Regency Hotel. "At this point, we are looking at continuing the Israeli-Syrian dialogue in Washington." Rabin said yesterday he doesn't know of any breakthrough in the talks with Syria. There was no reason to continue with the talks, because the result of Christopher's (CFR's) visit to the region had not borne fruit, he added, according to Israel Radio. Rabin was speaking following a meeting with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (CFR). Kissinger (CFR) for the first time publicly expressed support for the Israel-Palestinian peace agreement.

***Kissinger (CFR) had been Rabin's personal CFR agent since 1968, when Rabin began his tenure as Ambassador to Washington. Kissinger (CFR), long in the employ of the Rockefeller family, is a NWO legend, reknowned for his propensity to kill millions in nations worldwide, while acting as a peacemaking diplomat. This is not the place to provide proof for that allegation; there is vast literature on the subject easily found over the Internet. I would not make such an outrageous claim unless I was convinced of its veracity. What is certain is that during the first day of the Yom Kippur War, Kissinger (CFR) ordered Prime Minister Golda Meir not to initiate the first blow; this order lead to the deaths of hundreds of Israeli soldiers on the very first day of battle. Then he withheld arms to Israel for nine days, while another 2000 Israeli soldiers died. And in order for Meir to receive those arms, there is strong evidence that Kissinger (CFR) demanded Meir resign and appoint Rabin her successor. Rabin owed his position to Kissinger (CFR) and thus, the CFR and now he was defying him, a deadly gamble and Rabin must have known it. Until then, Kissinger (CFR) had withheld his support for the Oslo Accord with the PLO, holding his influence to abandon the agreement in escrow. Furious at Rabin, he offered his full-fledged support for it in retaliation.***

Rabin also met with UN Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali and said, "Khomeinism without Khomeini" is a leading threat to the region. Islamic extremism, "endangers peace, tranquility and stability in the region through terrorism and other violent activities," Rabin said. He demanded that the PLO clamp down on extremist groups in areas under its control. "We demand from Arafat to be more effective in coping with these terror groups," Rabin said. "We expect him to do better against terrorism."

***Now the intrigue increased. Rabin has rebuffed Christopher (CFR), Ross (CFR), Kissinger (CFR), and King Hassan, so Boutros-Ghali is thrown at him with, one can only wonder, what threats if he doesn't abandon the whole Golan and send Christopher (CFR) packing for the region. However, Rabin is calling forth vast reserves of courage and stands up to the intimidation of the UN and all its sanctioning power. For the first time since he was elected, Rabin is displaying unfettered integrity. He realizes the disaster he has foisted upon his people and has decided to finally the line. The scent switches to the bizarre. Rabin chooses not to address the UN General Assembly, sending Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to the podium. There Peres makes a huge admission. "The Middle East peace process," he said, "is politically wrong but historically right." For whose history is it right, Israelis asked, if the peace process is politically wrong?***

Rabin was also feted by the glitterati Friday night. A Who's Who of Jewish businessmen, including Edgar Bronfman (CFR) and Mort Zuckerman (CFR), as well as celebrity newscasters such as Dan Rather (CFR) and Barbara Walters, joined Chaim Herzog and Abba Eban at the Regency.

***The CFR pulled out all stops, throwing threats from the most powerful American Jews, their media factotums and celebrated Israelis under their spell to make life miserable for Rabin if he doesn't play ball with their bosses. And we know he didn't because Christopher (CFR) didn't make his planned peace journey on time. Instead, two weeks later, Rabin was dead.

The assassins had been ready for the assignment since 1993 when one branch of the Shabak, Israel's security services, switched policies from preventing Arab terror attacks to entrapping opponents of the "peace" process. An agent provocateur named Avishai Raviv had already set up a few potential assassins who were to be entrapped in a staged assassination of Rabin. It was a matter of timing when the ultimate operation on behalf of peace was to be put into action.

On October 21/95, Yitzhak Rabin told the powerbrokers of the New World Order that he had had enough. He would no longer be a participant in Israel's destruction. That sealed his fate.

The assassination command was issued in New York but without allies at the highest level of Israeli politics and security, the murder could not take place. There may be no more than a dozen people in Israel with that kind of authority and a simple process of elimination reveals who most likely was inside the conspiracy to eliminate Rabin.

I conclude with a justified message. Feral House has just released my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. This conclusion is not found within but an abundance of hard evidence will convince most readers that Rabin was not the victim of an angry young man but of a high-level political hit. Order the book by writing cult@feralhouse.com Get a hint of what's inside by visiting www.webseers.com/rabin